A Few Days In

Well, we have gone through a few more days of learning and using our oils. I would not say we are in a routine, but I am getting more used to using them throughout the day. My cold is nearly all gone after only five days that is pretty quick for me, normally if I catch something it stays around for a few weeks minimum. Monday morning my nose was stuffy and my throat was scratchy so I tried putting a few drops of Thieves in a bowl of steaming water and placed a towel tented over my head while I breathed in the steam. I am not sure how long it was but I stayed that way until the water was no longer warm. Since then I have felt pretty great!

I have been running Thieves in the the diffuser every morning rotating from room to room every 10-15 minutes. So far the kids have not caught my cold and AJ just loves the way it smells. She is all about scents and is loving this oil thing. I have also been diffusing Peppermint when the kids go down for nap time every day. You know the saying “Sleep when the baby sleeps?” Well, I loved that saying and too many days still abide by it even though they are “bigger” babies now. When I diffuse Peppermint I feel more alert and like I just can’t be still- in a good way, not jittery but driven. So far this is my favorite! Although, the first day I did notice if I was too close to the diffuser my contacts would hurt and I even had to take them out. After that I have made sure to diffuse in a bigger room in the house and not get very close and if I needed to walk by it I would close my eyes.

The last three nights my husband has also had me put PanAway on his lower back after his run or working out. He says it initially feels like IcyHot and then just eases away the aches. I am really thankful he is being supportive of incorporating these in our families life and has been patiently listening to me babble on about what I have read that day.

We did Peace and Calming on the kids feet for a few nights and then took a break. It is probably one of those things you need to keep up with to get the most out of but since our kids are typically good sleepers I decided to try to save it for when it seemed needed. TJ has been especially cranky and out of sorts lately and I am not sure if it is just him being two or something else. Today was his worst day by far, he literally ran to the neighbors yard (three houses away) to throw his temper tantrum. I really, really, really hope no one saw me because while I felt like I was hiding my crazy during that loooong walk home I bet a little was peeking out. It is so hard for any Mama’s heart to see their children disobey but since I am a SAHM I feel like there is no one to blame but myself when he acts so badly. Thankfully, my amazing husband took the kids out to run errands and pick up dinner so I had a much needed break tonight. He is one great husband and Papa!

While I had a quiet house, I decided to try a detox bath with the kids tonight. They were picking up Epsom Salt at the store and Purification seemed like what we all needed a little of tonight. We don’t typically bathe the kids together any more, AJ prefers showers and with the age and gender differences it just works out best that way. Twenty minutes in the same tub was the last way any of us (just to clarify by us I mean the two kids) wanted to end today, but we all got through and AJ only almost choked on the water once, yippee. I halved the recipe found here. They are both resting sweetly now. I guess we will see tomorrow if there are any residual effects!

My diffuser is already showing spots and residue inside it and I have googled it to end and can not find a good solution to cleaning it. The manual says to wipe it down and clean it with alcohol but it doesn’t seem to be helping. They picked me up some purified water to start using instead of regular water and I hope that helps clear it up some.

I am still just getting my toes wet but am determined to learn more and try different oils to help get us on a more healthier path!



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