March Madness Begins!

One week into March and our schedule is already so packed! AJ turns five next Monday so we have her birthday party to plan, tee-ball practices, races, and all kinds of Spring fun. I know it isn’t officially Spring yet, but it is starting to feel like it!

I got my second order from Young Living this week with a few additional oils I wanted to try after getting the starter set. TJ is trying so hard to come down with some kind of sickness and I am bound and determined to not let it happen. I got some RC and let me tell you, that stuff packs a punch!! They are always talking about how many plants or pounds of such and such it took to create one drop of oil and RC smells like they had to cut down a forest of eucalyptus trees! But, his nose isn’t running as much (except for when he throws a fit, which have gotten fewer but are still pretty terrific-not in a good way) and his congestion is dare I say gone for the time being. I also got another bottle of Thieves and three different Thieves products: hand purifier, cleaner, and wipes. I have mopped the floors, cleaned the house and scrubbed down the play room with it. I love it! I have been using Method products for a few years now and loved the scent but always felt like it left a film behind and I do not notice that at all with the Thieves!

Tuesday AJ and I went out shopping for party supplies. That girl is going to be a premier sought after party planner some day. She has her Mama’s eye for detail and her Papa’s drive to succeed! She may only be turning five but she sure does know exactly what she wants and how she wants everything to go. While we were out we picked up some dinner at Moe’s, my baby girl LOVES her “mexican” food. That night before we even got home I was already having a full blown allergic reaction 😦 I took my benadryl and made it through the night. The next day I researched and everything in my meal except the cheese was cooked in Soybean oil. UGH. When I made the decision to go to the allergy doctor at the beginning of this year I didn’t even know I was allergic to Soybean, I knew certain foods made me have a reaction but no clue it was Soybean. While it was an expensive trip to the doctor it was informative beyond compare. So, another favorite restaurant marked off the list. Maybe it is just another sign to start making more home cooked meals?! That was one of my personal goals this year so maybe that is just a really annoying nudge in that direction. I also learned from a friend the next day that 1-2 drops of lavender mixed with a spoonful of honey can have the same affect as Bendryl. I did massage Lavender onto the hives I got, another wonderful new allergy side affect I have developed in the last few months, and it did help the itching to stop. I will try the lavender/honey mix next time before I take any benadryl to see how it works. In all honestly, I am a little nervous to ingest the oils. I did drink some water with lemon in it, but that seemed more “normal” that eating lavender. I tried some lavender on my lips and it felt like I was suffocating in a purple pillow of fumes, too much!! But the itching did ease up.

Another product I picked up this time is Progessence Plus. After our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage the next two times I tested positive I went directly to the doctor and got a prescription for Progesterone and took it for the first trimester of each pregnancy. While I have never been diagnosed by a doctor for specifically having low hormone levels outside of pregnancy, J and I both feel like I am “running on empty” in that department. So, we read about this oil on the website and a few different blogs decided to give it a shot. It has a scary warning about one of the ingredients being cancer causing so I don’t think it will be an all day every day thing, but I am trying it. It says to only use it two times a day and no more and that it can even interfere with some forms of birth control. I am going to start by using it before I go to bed at night and work up to twice a day. It has a strange smell that I am not crazy about but if we can tell it makes a difference then all is well.

My in-laws are always helping take care of our children and anything else we need so I also ordered them two roll on oils this time. Deep Relief to help with pain and Tranquil to help relax and sleep better. Every oil I read about they are always the first people I think about and I am hoping this could help them instead of so many over the counter or prescription medicines. As I have mentioned before with my Father passing away from liver cancer so many medicines passing through someones body scares me!

We had the sweetest thing happen tonight. Whenever we bake for fun or holidays I always like AJ to take some to our older neighbors (until I found out one of them is severely diabetic…I don’t think that’s what is meant by killing them with kindness). One of them is just the nicest lady and she just loves the kids. She remembered that AJ’s birthday was coming up and walked all the way over to ask about it tonight! For Florida it is a little chilly and she had just had toe surgery earlier today but she still made it to our house with her cane and everything. AJ and J were gone at practice so she came in and talked with me and Troy for a while- future me, please have the house picked up a little bit more, okay? I promise I am saving you some embarrassment. It just warms my heart that she thought of my sweet little girl enough to remember her special day and get her a little gift. We invited her to the party so I hope she can come or at least see AJ a little that day. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in the darkness of this world and I am thankful for Miss J walking down and spreading some joy!


A Few Days In

Well, we have gone through a few more days of learning and using our oils. I would not say we are in a routine, but I am getting more used to using them throughout the day. My cold is nearly all gone after only five days that is pretty quick for me, normally if I catch something it stays around for a few weeks minimum. Monday morning my nose was stuffy and my throat was scratchy so I tried putting a few drops of Thieves in a bowl of steaming water and placed a towel tented over my head while I breathed in the steam. I am not sure how long it was but I stayed that way until the water was no longer warm. Since then I have felt pretty great!

I have been running Thieves in the the diffuser every morning rotating from room to room every 10-15 minutes. So far the kids have not caught my cold and AJ just loves the way it smells. She is all about scents and is loving this oil thing. I have also been diffusing Peppermint when the kids go down for nap time every day. You know the saying “Sleep when the baby sleeps?” Well, I loved that saying and too many days still abide by it even though they are “bigger” babies now. When I diffuse Peppermint I feel more alert and like I just can’t be still- in a good way, not jittery but driven. So far this is my favorite! Although, the first day I did notice if I was too close to the diffuser my contacts would hurt and I even had to take them out. After that I have made sure to diffuse in a bigger room in the house and not get very close and if I needed to walk by it I would close my eyes.

The last three nights my husband has also had me put PanAway on his lower back after his run or working out. He says it initially feels like IcyHot and then just eases away the aches. I am really thankful he is being supportive of incorporating these in our families life and has been patiently listening to me babble on about what I have read that day.

We did Peace and Calming on the kids feet for a few nights and then took a break. It is probably one of those things you need to keep up with to get the most out of but since our kids are typically good sleepers I decided to try to save it for when it seemed needed. TJ has been especially cranky and out of sorts lately and I am not sure if it is just him being two or something else. Today was his worst day by far, he literally ran to the neighbors yard (three houses away) to throw his temper tantrum. I really, really, really hope no one saw me because while I felt like I was hiding my crazy during that loooong walk home I bet a little was peeking out. It is so hard for any Mama’s heart to see their children disobey but since I am a SAHM I feel like there is no one to blame but myself when he acts so badly. Thankfully, my amazing husband took the kids out to run errands and pick up dinner so I had a much needed break tonight. He is one great husband and Papa!

While I had a quiet house, I decided to try a detox bath with the kids tonight. They were picking up Epsom Salt at the store and Purification seemed like what we all needed a little of tonight. We don’t typically bathe the kids together any more, AJ prefers showers and with the age and gender differences it just works out best that way. Twenty minutes in the same tub was the last way any of us (just to clarify by us I mean the two kids) wanted to end today, but we all got through and AJ only almost choked on the water once, yippee. I halved the recipe found here. They are both resting sweetly now. I guess we will see tomorrow if there are any residual effects!

My diffuser is already showing spots and residue inside it and I have googled it to end and can not find a good solution to cleaning it. The manual says to wipe it down and clean it with alcohol but it doesn’t seem to be helping. They picked me up some purified water to start using instead of regular water and I hope that helps clear it up some.

I am still just getting my toes wet but am determined to learn more and try different oils to help get us on a more healthier path!


First Day

I have been reading about essential oils, specifically the Young Living brand, for a while now. A few friends of mine from college have started using them and LOVE them! They are always going on about how their families have benefited from using them and while a tiny bit skeptical I wanted to learn more.

My father passed away in 2007 after a long battle with liver cancer, and because of this (while I know it helps and has it’s place) I cringe every time we have to break out the Tylenol or other medications to help the kids overcome different sicknesses. So, in my mind if the essential oils can help prevent us from getting to the point of having to use those medicines at least a few times it is a win in my book!

Being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) I walk a tight line of what I can spend outside of our monthly budget. I saved up my “laundry monies” and income from crafting things for people and jumped right in with The Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I am all about a good deal and this one packed the biggest punch. I could not make up my mind to buy one or two essential oils to start with and this kit has the Everyday Oils collection– TEN different oils to get you started! It also includes a home diffuser and literature to help you get to know the company and a selection of their most popular oils and oil blends.


We received our box on Saturday and when the kids when down for nap my husband and I sat down and read through all of the paperwork and smelled each of the oils. I had been congested since Thursday so we decided to try Thieves in the diffuser first. Here is the description from the website:

Thieves® was created based on research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.*

The instructions say to do 8-12 drops in the diffuser. Whew! Was it strong! It smelled amazing, the cloves remind me of holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is always a good thing! (After more reading the bottle says to diffuse for only ten minutes up to three times a day…maybe this is why it seemed so strong)

That afternoon when the husband went for a run we had him inhale some Peppermint. Since I accidentally got some on his nose, oops, he said he could smell it for a while during his run. It was just a short two-mile run so I don’t think we really learned much, but we felt cool and “crunchy.” I am kidding, but baby steps right?

We picked up some Coconut Oil that night so we could dilute some Peace and Calming oil blend on the kids feet before bedtime. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and did not know until we got there that it was a UFC fight night…can we just say that may in itself be a perfect description of “an overactive and stressful day.”

Peace & Calming® is a gentle, fragrant blend. When diffused, it helps calm tensions and uplift the spirit, promoting relaxation and a deep sense of peace. When massaged on the bottoms of the feet, it can be a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night’s rest. Peace & Calming may be especially calming and comforting to young children after an overactive and stressful day.

This was, as the title says, our first swing at these oils and I am naturally a paranoid, analytical person (read: crazy), so I was nervous to apply an oil that needed to be diluted. We bought the Organic Coconut Oil from the Greenwise section in Publix after more research I learned I should have bought the Virgin Coconut Oil instead. I have seen Coconut Oil talked about on all social media sites and everyone seems to be in love with it. In my head, because it is called an oil I was thinking it would be a lotion texture or like a white olive oil but it is actually solid. I just scraped some out and put a drop of oil and mixed it all in the palms of my hands and put it on. I did not put socks on the boy because I knew they wouldn’t stay but I did for my girl. They were out within ten minutes, and this is where I googled “Can you overdose your children with Peace & Calming.” Don’t worry, apparently I did not! Hooray!

The kids and the husband slept like rocks but I didn’t because I think my brain was still processing. I wish I had diffused some Thieves in our room while we were sleeping because my throat was sore Sunday morning and my congestion was back. And that was our first day in a nutshell! I am obviously still just learning and am in no way a professional herbologist so please be careful using oils!

Here are a few links to helpful blogs that I read before I got started:

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Welcome to Jackie Dawn!

Hello! My name is Jackie Dawn and I am hoping this can be a way for me to show you a few of things I am passionate about. 

First, I am a Christian. I am not saying that to be pious but so you know my desire comes from a heart that wants to please my God.

Second, I am a Northern girl that fell head over heels in love with a Southern boy. On a leap of faith I moved almost 1,000 miles away from home to take a job after I finished college in August of 2004. I met my Love and never left!


Third, I am a mom to two amazing children. I never in my life dreamed I would love being a mother as much as I do. Every day is not perfect and I learn grace on a daily if not hourly basis but there is nothing truer than the fact that I love these two more than I ever thought possible. 


Fourth, and last, I love to create things. By combining my creativity and my husbands business sense our family is starting a new chapter of life. Please come along with us on the journey!